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As we begin to return to work from the current COVID-19 Black Swan event, one topic that has drawn a lot of interest is how to optimize remote work and deliver great Customer Experience outcomes. Tapping into her recent research in this space, Dr Madison Hanscom identifies 3 key considerations that all Customer Experience leaders should consider in making remote or flexible work successful: Trust, Communication and Recognition. She links these to better employee experiences and improved Customer Outcomes.

The Customer Experience (CX) with Eric Michrowski

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Madison uses her expertise in organizational science to diagnose problems and build solutions. With years of experience in applied research, Madison uses her knowledge in statistics and research methods to design and administer assessments in the areas of safety culture and operational excellence. Madison enjoys translating data for practical use and working with clients to create better workplaces. In her role, Madison manages the Science Team, Propulo’s division for academic and research partnerships. Madison and the Science Team ensure the practices and products at Propulo are evidence-based by translating empirical research into practical application. Madison holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in Occupational Health Psychology from Colorado State University.