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The Customer eXperience Guru Podcast


Great companies ubiquitously have great customer experiences.

Learn and grow the value you create. Grow your success.

Fuel your Future.


Featured : Ep 14 - Leading Customer Experience from the Front Line with Clint Mahlman

Season 1, Episode 14




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We understand the significant impact that these recent events are having on team members and leaders.

We have committed to not deriving any profit from this COVID-19 Black Swan event. We are deploying any available capacity to support you.

We are here to help as best as we can.

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Every business comes to life through its Service Experience. Your business success depends on whether your Customers are loyal to YOU. That’s where real value and profit is created.

Great companies ubiquitously have great customer experiences. A thin red line divides those that invest and consistently deliver what their Customers need and those that fail and get disrupted.

In competitive and challenging times, leaders need to double down on their Service Experience. Learn and grow the value you create. Grow your success. Be on the right side of that thin red line.

This is The CX Guru with your host Eric Michrowski, a globally recognized Ops & Customer Experience Guru, public speaker and author.

Your business success story begins NOW.

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Real leaders leave a legacy.

They capture the hearts and minds of their teams. Their origin story puts the safety and wellbeing of their people first.

Great companies ubiquitously have safe yet productive operations.

For those companies, Safety is an investment, not a cost for the C-Suite. It’s a real topic of daily focus.

The CX Guru Top Episodes

Ep 14 - Leading Customer Experience from the Front Line with Clint Mahlman

Ep 11 - Lessons from Service Experience in the Restaurant Industry - COVID-19 and Beyond with Dr. Alex M. Susskind

Ep 9 - The future of Service Experience in the Pandemic Age with Dr. Leonard L. Berry

Ep 6 - The Science of Service: Behind one of the best Customer Experience Books with Dr. Mark Colgate

Meet our Host

Eric Michrowski is a globally recognized thought leader and guru in Operational Performance & Transformations, Safety Culture, and Customer Experience. A highly sought-after Executive speaker on the global stage, he has led executive training programs, coached the C-Suite, and connected with thousands of Fortune 500 senior leaders. He has been featured on TV, in articles, and Podcasts and has an upcoming ForbesBooks book to be published this year. 

His approach is anchored in evidence-based research and practical applications in Human Performance, Process Excellence, and Organizational Change. He brings over 25-years hands-on experience across a range of industries with a long list of operational achievements. 

Eric holds a Bachelor’s in Laws, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and has received several international awards both personally and for the teams he has led.

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